These links are organised by Subject (using the Junior Cycle listing). The initial entries in each category are aimed towards Primary Classrooms while the later entries are more suited for Second-Level classrooms. Towards the end of this page, there are generic resources for Teachers. I cannot be held liable for the (changing) content of external sites! Teacher discretion is advised. On occasion, you may have to check copyright with regard to the use of any download resources.

Mobile Device Update (May 2014): All sites have been tested on PC Win 7, Android 4.0.4 ICS and iPad2 (iOS 6.0.1). Of the 150 sites running on PC, 74 use Flash and another 10 use Java (my Original Testing, May 2012, had 155 sites running on PC, 79 used Flash and another 13 used Java)


  • Colouring Pages ...resources are in PDF format
  • A useful set of resources from Digital Learning for Wales ...(Requires Flash)
  • 'I am an Artist' is NCTE's resource for the Visual Arts ...Video Guides for Teachers require Flash
  • Animoto is an online/web application that, with the click of a button, produces videos using images, video clips and music that a user selects. Registration required. View my simple Sample here
  • Art Teachers have Resources for registered users
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  • Business Teachers have many resources/links. Resources (in the 'Teaching' section are often PDF or SlideShares ...latter can be slow to open on Tablets, although opens fine directly)
  • Skool (Requires Flash) to 'launch lessons'
  • provide a range of resources (in PDF format)
  • Business Game (uses $ currency)(thnx, Eileen) ...(Requires Flash)
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  • For a very good illustration of activities that would work well on an IWB, visit TES iboard. ...Resources without the 'Big +' seem to be free to use. I sampled this (Requires Flash)
  • Scholastic's "Clifford the Big Red Dog: Interactive Storybooks" (Requires Flash)
  • Starfall - excellent online resource for Reading, Onset-rhyme etc. If a Mobile Device is detected, and using the default Browser, you will be redirected to the App Store (iTunes) option; with Firefox (Beta) you are brought to the website just as with a Desktop
  • Loads of Audio (with Text) Stories from Storynory. Listen Live on the web or download the stories from iTunes.
  • A huge collection of Literacy links from Woodlands School. Some at least (such as CVC Words - ICT Games) require Flash.
  • Based on the Oxford Reading Tree series, there are lots of activities at The Magic Key. Some 'Adventures' at least (such as Sweet Tooth - Full Stops) require Flash
  • Make Online Games based on the spellings of words that you enter Spelling City (Apps available for iOS and Android or continue to the website)
  • Patrick Kavanagh: Text, Video and Audio from RTE's Look and Listen archive Video Clips (such as that of Brendan Kennelly) use Flash
  • Brendan Behan: Text, Video and Audio from RTE's Look and Listen archive Video Clips use Flash.
  • BBC Skillwise for Adults. Some Resources (such as Word Grammar - Adverbs - Level 1 Quiz) require both JavaScript and Flash. The former is enabled via your Browser's Settings (although this doesn't work on my default Android Browser, nor on PC's Chrome but it is fine in IE)
  • Texts (and often Audio) of all of the Classics from Project Gutenberg a range of Formats (e.g. Huckleberry Finn Note that there is a Kindle App available for Android and iOS.
  • More texts (including that of Frances Hodgson Burnett - "The Secret Garden") at Online Literature A Mobile Device is detected and you are invited to follow the iTunes link ...or you can continue to use the web version.
  • Extracts and Teaching Notes for Aubrey Flegg's "The Cinnamon Tree"
  • How well do you know your Irish authors? Find out in this game from An Chomhairle Leabharlanna. (Requires Flash)
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French, German, ...

  • The Modern Language in Primary Schools Initiative has resources (including for IWBs) for each of the four languages. The site is still in place, with links to a range of resource types (.xls, .doc, .ppt, .notebook) and to websites such as Teachers' TV (where Clips need Flash but can be downloaded in .mov or .wmv) ...Teacher's TV is now hosted through a number of agencies
  • Euronews (French) ...use the drop-down to change over to French, German, Spanish, Italian (or open the English version in a separate Tab)... so that you have two or more language versions available to compare. Apps available for iOS, Android and Win.
  • German Teachers Many Shared Resources are available to download: on iOS, you are asked for an archiving program although this appears to be in place for Android.
  • German: A useful set of resources from Digital Learning for Wales. Many Worksheets are .docs while Activities require Flash ...such as this example.
  • has a number of resources (mostly links), many organised around 'dossiers'
  • A commercial site - with some free audio/pdf resources
  • French, German, Spanish, Italian and English (great for the translation) at Linguastars. This is a subscription site but there are some very good free resources at Linguascope which require Flash
  • Spanish Teachers (Association of) have some useful (docs and ppts) resources
  • Lightbulb Languages many activities for Spanish (and others)...these all seem to use Flash
  • Italian Teachers have some resources (.doc, .pdf and .ppt)
  • Watch the videos by the students of Ratoath College (videos require Flash)
  • Type text or a web address (or even upload a document) into Google Translate to get translations (verbatim?) in many languages
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  • Seomra RangaAn excellent shared resource by Aidan in Sligo. So many resources shared, in a number of formats)
  • IsFeidirLiom (GRMA, Seamus) has free 'Interactives' (Nouns, Verbs) Site is 'for Parents' but useful in a school setting also. (Requires Flash)
  • Online Irish dictionary (I am not sure who is behind this site!)
  • NCCA's Junior Cycle Curriculum
  • Peig: Text and Audio from RTE's Look and Listen archive Video Clips use Flash.
  • Studybase (based in Kildare)
  • CnaMG (including Podchraoltai in QuickTime, maybe more for Registered Users)
  • Beo...monthly magazine
  • Enjoy Irish Sampla (text and MP3 audio)
  • Type text or a web address (or even upload a document) into Google Translate to get translations (verbatim?) ...Irish is listed among the language options
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  • Barnaby Bear (ages 4-11), such as Map Symbols (Requires Flash).
  • Online Geography (Ireland, Europe) from Edware (Requires Flash) (iOS App available to purchase from iTunes)
  • Ireland Bays and Counties ...sample from SESE Interactive (thank you, Kevin, RIP)
  • Google Maps (via Browser or via Apps on iPad and Android)
  • Maps from Scoilnet (via Schools Broadband) Mobile Devices are given option to install ArcGIS app (from iTunes or GooglePlay), otherwise proceed via web. OSI access to School or Registered Users, but 'general users' can access, e.g., heritage map.
  • View statistical maps of Ireland with Browse by Theme (Education etc.)
  • Peter Lydon's Wordpress Blog has lots of links and resources.
  • Geography Support Service from scoilnet
  • Climate Animations. Animations are provided in Flash and .gif formats (the former provides navigation buttons)
  • Demographic statistics, among others, from GapMinder For PC and Mac; some presentations are Flash, others PPT
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  • National Library's Collection of Digital Photos
  • Create Timelines (free registration) at Timetoast (Requires Flash)
  • History Support Service from scoilnet
  • An Chomhairle Leabharlanna has lots of Primary Sources (the eBooks are PDF format of many texts written in the 1800s) ... also valuable for Geography ...some of these are large 40Mb files. The 'Talking eBook' section provides streaming .swf (OpusFlex package), .pdf and streaming .mp3 (streaming formats not on iOS)
  • Donal O'Mahony's "Second-Year History Blogs' Lovely site, works well on all platforms
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Home Economics

Latin, Greek, Classical Studies

  • The Classical Teachers' Association have resources - in Word, PDF, PowerPoint formats. Their Latin and Classical sections are well served. There is an extensive Image Gallery also. For some video clips (e.g. Homer's Odyssey - Quicktime in YouTube), you will be invited to use the appropriate App on Android, while iOS will continue to the website
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Materials Technology - Wood, Metalwork, Technology

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  • BusSongs "has the largest collection of children's music on the Internet - with lyrics, videos, and music for 2,100 kid's songs and nursery rhymes". Music, when provided, is in mp3 format and plays online. Note that - on your iOS - you cannot 'Control+Click' (i.e. right-click) in order to set a Download location. With your Android, you can long-click and choose 'Save link' in order to download
  • dig.ccmixter is devoted to helping you find that great music, all of which is liberally licensed under a Creative Commons license so you already have permission to use this music in your video, podcast, school project, personal music player, or where ever… (online or as per BusSongs to download)
  • NY Philharmonic Orchestra for Kids - Learn and Compose (Requires Flash)
  • Music Teachers had resources at (site under redevelopment) ...many were PDFs (by the Curriculum Support Team) but there were ICT resource/links
  • There are lots of useful set of resources from Wales have to Navigate manually to Resources\KeyStage3\Music ....then Appraising, Composing or Performing. I tried the Texture activity ...this would work very well on an IWB; many activities seem to require Flash.
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Religious Education

  • The RESS had support PDF and Audio materials at ...this site is now subsumed under PDST which is 'under construction' at time of visit
  • Religion Teachers have some General Resources (PDFs and PPS) at (there may be additional resources for Registered Users)
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  • Forfas 'Primary Science' has lots of resources - PDFs, weblinks, activities ...while Videos require Flash
  • BBC Bitesize has multi-choice quiz ...based on Science questions (Maths and English questions also available) (Requires Flash)
  • The Scoilnet/RTE site adddresses the four strands of the primary science curriculum (Living Things, Energy and Forces, Materials, Environmental
  • Electricity and Law of Lever ...sample from SESE Interactive (Requires Flash)
  • Answers to Everything! from New Scientist magazine
  • Science Ireland provides some useful tips and videos - use the Teachers Tab
  • YTeach is a subscription site from Prim-Ed. It has hundreds of resources for Maths as well as Science (many are useful for whole-class teaching and/or interactive whiteboards)(Requires Flash)
  • UCC's Microbe Magic Informative and Engaging. 'Games' require Flash
  • Experiland is U.S. based. If offers complete Science Texts in .pdf ebook format to subscribers. There is a useful sample ...with experiments related to 'Magic Ink', making a Sundial, a 'rain alarm', an insect trap and an experiment related to air pressure.
  • Irish Science Teachers' Association (access to editions of Science Journal PDFs)
  • PhET Simulations Most use Java (not on your Mobile Device) such as Circuit Construction ...some now are recreated for html5. Some are translated into Gaeilge
  • Noel Cunningham has put together a great collection of Links (including YouTubes), Documents and Podcasts for Junior and Leaving Cert Science (it also has some scary photos!)
  • Mr Garvey in Loreto, Balbriggan has a great collection of resources
  • Chemistry - Virtual Lab Simulator (web page, but download available). Uses Java (not on your Mobile Device)
  • Online Circuit Builders:
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You might want to connect your Bluetooth or USB Keyboard to your Mobile Device for this!
  • Typewriting is an official subject on the Junior Cert list. View the syllabus.
  • Online Typing Games (Requires Flash) (but you are invited to get the App on iTunes)
  • Typing Tutor is an arcade-type game where the student has to type the letters that fall down the screen. Uses Java (not on your Mobile Device)
  • A whole host of typing links (freeware and shareware) can be found here with new online ones highlighted. I liked the online one at Typing Arena
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Interactive Whiteboards

  • Drumcondra Project ...Ireland's top site for all IWB resources (well, I would say that, wouldn't I?!)
Online collaborative (whiteboard) workspace:
  • Board800, it can also be bought and installed on your own server; has text, pens, shapes etc.). (Requires Flash)
  • Twiddla has useful Maths (includes LaTex Editor)
  • Scribbl has pens etc. ...looks good. Uses Java (not on your Mobile Device)
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Inter-School Collaborations

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Teacher Resources and Utilities

  • CESI, the premier peer-support site for Ireland's education professionals
  • Supported by the INTO, DICTAT Mailings ...em, can't locate it now!?
  • TeachNet is a multi-partner project aimed at supporting Teacher CPD.
  • Scoilnet is the Dept. of Education's official portal for Primary and Post-Primary Schools
  • PrimaryResources hosts a range of file types (Docs, Ppts, IWB etc.)
  • TopMarks is a Portal, but also hosts its own resources ...many are for IWB and may need Flash
  • Teacher Tube Video Clips for classroom and/or Teacher (also has podcasts). I had to Exit (Top Right) the covering advert in order to see the clip.
  • ClipArt Collections: see my page on the Drumcondra IWB site
  • Scoilnet's Imagebank
  • Survey Monkey Create and Analyse your own Surveys - many of which are free
  • Class Tools: Access up to 17 different tools (such as the 'Random Name Picker') for the classroom. Originally required Flash, some formats are now also available for iOS
  • Wordsearch Maker (online
  • Crossword Maker (online). The crosswords can then be Printed (hardcopy or, depending on your computer, to PDF etc.). Watch out for Advertising!
  • Use Owego's page to make your own (matching, dragging, multi-choice) Games ...these games are then stored online at the oswego site make sure you write down the names of the files and/or save in Favourites/Bookmarks. Oswego City School District is in New York, by the way! (Requires Flash)
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Online Brain-Storming / Concept-Mapping

  • (Requires Flash) to create on the Desktop Computer; Mobile App can view existing
  • Mind42 works on all (although Chrome gives you the option to 'translate page')
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Reference Material

  • Wikipedia
  • on Schools Broadband, Britannica Online ...the latter is linked to from scoilnet
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  • Folens. Some PDF Resources and PDFs and Audio (some 'zipped'). eBooks Apps available for the three mobile platforms.
  • CJ Fallon. eBooks available via login ...registration needed. eBooks available 'through the cloud' in partnership with Microsoft.
  • Edco has Online Sample Chapters available - these require Flash. eBooks Apps available for the three mobile platforms. Visit their Exam Centre for online testing (Junior and Leaving Cert)
  • Gill and MacMillan - Cannot yet test as registration needed. G&M are also behind the sites Sounds Good Phonics; Fireworks; Cracking Maths which has eBook Samples to download for Win, Mac, iOS and Android; 2nd Level Teachers can Make - and Pupils can Take - online tests
  • Mentor Cannot yet test as registration needed. Available for Win, iOS and Android. Some Student Resources free to download...e.g. with Audio
  • Celtic Press: Text&Tests available via Edco (above) e.g. this example ...(Requires Flash) (server problem at time of access?) ...and some Sample Chapters available via their own site (pdf, ppt and GeoGebra applets)
  • Prim-Ed ...Sample materials (stored in Google Docs)
  • Veritas have a range of eBooks, with some sample pdfs for BeoGoDeo ...or read about their online programme
  • The Teachers Tab will give you access to some Downloads (pdf and mp3) while their main resource features are found via which has some sample videos such as this ...with many more for Registered Users.

There may be other 'educational publishers' whom I have accidentally omitted: if so, please let me know

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Games for Students (not for the Staff Room!)

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