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Websites for Education

These links are organised by Subject (using the Junior Cycle listing). The initial entries in each category are aimed towards Primary Classrooms while the later entries are more suited for Second-Level classrooms. Towards the end of this page, there are generic resources for Teachers. I cannot be held liable for the (changing) content of external sites! Teacher discretion is advised. On occasion, you may have to check copyright with regard to the use of any download resources.
Mobile Device Update (May 2014): All sites have been tested on PC Win 7, Android 4.0.4 ICS and iPad2 (iOS 6.0.1). Of the 150 sites running on PC, 74 use Flash and another 10 use Java (my Original Testing, May 2012, had 155 sites running on PC, 79 used Flash and another 13 used Java)

Art, Business, CSPE/SPHE, English, Languages, Gaeilge, Geography, History, Home Ec., Latin/Greek/Classics, Maths, Materials Tech., Music, R.E., Science, Typewriting, IWBs, Inter-School, Teacher Resources, Textbooks, Games





French, German....


  • IsFeidirLiom (GRMA, Seamus) has free 'Interactives' (Nouns, Verbs) at http://www.isfeidirliom.ie/ Site is 'for Parents' but useful in a school setting also. Requires Flash

  • Online Dictionary at www.irishdictionary.ie/ (I am not sure who is behind this site!)



Home Economics

Latin, Greek, Classical Studies


Materials Technology - Wood, Metalwork, Technology

  • The Association of Technology Teachers is at http://www.ncte.ie/att/ (although last entry seems to be 2008)

  • The Engineering Technology Teachers are at http://www.etta.ie/ ...lots of resources (pdfs, docs, ppts) in the 'Students' section; there may be more in the Members' Area
  • The Technology Subjects Support Service is at http://www.t4.ie/ ...this has resources (PDFs, TIFFimages, PowerPoints) for each of the subject areas. Also, Teachers-Resource-Sharing-DCG has AVIs - these get Downloaded and then need a Player App; or you are given the option to use one of your pre-installed Apps


  • Music Teachers had resources at http://ppmta.ie/ (site under redevelopment) ...many were PDFs (by the Curriculum Support Team) but there were ICT resource/links at http://www.ppmta.ie/Resources/ICT.html

  • There are lots of useful set of resources from Wales https://hwb.wales.gov.uk/Find%20it/Pages/Home.aspx ...you have to Navigate manually to Resources\KeyStage3\Music ....then Appraising, Composing or Performing. I tried the Texture activity ...this would work very well on an IWB; many activities seem to require Flash.

Religious Education


  • Experiland is U.S. based. If offers complete Science Texts in .pdf ebook format to subscribers. There is a useful sample at http://experiland.com/html_books/free_sample.htm ...with experiments related to 'Magic Ink', making a Sundial, a 'rain alarm', an insect trap and an experiment related to air pressure.

Typewriting ...you might want to connect your Bluetooth or USB Keyboard to your Mobile Device for this!

Interactive Whiteboards

Online collaborative (whiteboard) workspace:

Inter-School Collaborations

Teacher Resources and Utilities

Online brain-storming / concept-mapping
http://bubbl.us/ Requires Flash to create on the Desktop Computer; Mobile App can view existing
http://mind42.com/ works on all (although Chrome gives you the option to 'translate page')

Reference material


There may be other 'educational publishers' whom I have accidentally omitted: if so, please let me know

Games for Students (not for the Staff Room!)

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