Images and Backgrounds

I have created and shared some Images and Backgrounds for use in Classroooms. These can be downloaded from a shared Google Drive (some of these are located in sub-folders)

Below are some 'interactive' files I have created, that you may freely use in a not-for-profit classroom. These resources will open in a new Browser Tab on your Computer, Laptop or Tablet (Also on Mobile Phone Screens but I find that these latter are too small for these activities). Allow a moment or two for the 'GeoGebra' loading screen.

English; Maths; Visual Arts; Italian



Maths/Visual Arts:


(please note that I am only a Beginner/Student of Italian so please forward any corrections/suggestions to me)

Interactive Exercises that will run in the Browser (Chrome/Firefox/Android) of your internet-connected Tablet or Desktop:

*VerbsRegularPresentTenseTableDK.html * VerbsIrregPresentTenseTableDK.html *VerbiPresenteDK.html

(I also provide a PDF of the phrases used in the Preposition activity: FrasiConPreposizioni.pdf)