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Some files I have created myself, that you may freely use in a not-for-profit classroom.
(note my .html files work best in Chrome, Firefox or Android but not always so well in Edge)



  • Learning the parts of a sentence, with Random and Manual controllers: GGBsentenceDK.html

  • Maths/Visual Arts:
  • Tessellations are a method of filling space with drawings/shapes. This interactive may be used to make and explore tessellations using the 'translation' method: TessellateDK_starter.html Suggestion: having explored, one could then 'screengrab' the shape into a painting or IWB program.

(please note that I am only a Beginner/Student of Italian so please forward any corrections/suggestions to me)

Interactive Exercises that will run in the Browser (Chrome/Firefox/Android) of your internet-connected Tablet or Desktop:

  • Review and self-testing of the 'Indicativo Presente' form of verbs: Regular, Irregular and Mixed:

VerbsRegularPresentTenseTableDK.html * VerbsIrregPresentTenseTableDK.html * VerbiPresenteDK.html    

  • A 'PowerPoint Show' with Colours and their (Italian) names: ColoursDK.ppsx (note that the Show file is downloaded rather than running in your browser)

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