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Research Articles (online and Hardcopy) regarding ICT in (particularly, Irish) Education. Please let me know of any gaps! ...particularly for more recent research.

N.B. There are additional research links relevant to specific ICT in my other sites for Interactive Whiteboards (http://www.cbiproject.net/research-on-use-of-cbis---ireland.html and http://www.cbiproject.net/research-on-use-of-cbis---international.html) and Android Tablets (http://android.ict4schools.ie/android-research.php)

Some Key Researchers in the implementation of ICT in Irish Schools ...for whom I can locate a Bio page (my apologies to those whom I have not yet put on this list!):
Dr Aidan Mulkeen: http://www.nuim.ie/people/aidan-mulkeen
Dr Conor Galvin: http://www.ucd.ie/education/staff/conorgalvin/ ...and check his 'Publications' Tab
Dr Miriam Judge: http://www.dcu.ie/info/staff_member.php?id_no=935
Dr Deirdre Butler: http://www.spd.dcu.ie/site/education/staff_details/butler_deirdre.shtml ...and Scroll for Publications
Dr Daithí Ó Morchú: http://www.mirandanet.ac.uk/profiles/profile.php?prof=341
Elizabeth Oldham: http://people.tcd.ie/eoldham (she is not just an expert in Mathematics Education!)

Here are some publically accessible research documents/reports - and official policy documents - that I have come across:

St Aidan's, Tallaght 'Connect' Project: http://connect.southdublin.ie/. Final Evaluation Report online (accessed November 2010) was at http://connect.southdublin.ie/connect/images/stories/d/connect%20school%20evaluation%20report_final%20(2).pdf ...link not functioning May 2014

April 2010: Dissertation: A Snapshot of ICT use at Second Level 10 years after IT 2000, Mary Ahern,
http://ulir.ul.ie/bitstream/10344/455/6/MAmthesis.pdf (accessed May 2014)

'An Examination of the implementation of ICT Teaching Methodologies in the 5th and 6th Class Primary School Curriculum' ... a dissertation by Éilis Treacy, October 2009 ...at
http://ulir.ul.ie/bitstream/10344/439/3/ET_thesis.pdf (accessed May 2014)

...more useful UL Dissertations are to found at

...a similar repository (including Conference Papers) is found via Trinity's CRITE at http://www.scss.tcd.ie/disciplines/information_systems/crite/crite_web/?q=publications

2009: Dr David O'Grady and Brendan Barry, MIC Limerick; Interactive White Board use in pre-service primary education in Ireland; http://www.slideshare.net/ritwit/interactive-white-board-use-in-preservice-primary-education-in-ireland (accessed May 2014)

ICT for Learning - An International Perspective on the Irish Initiative; Eileen Freeman, Bryn Holmes, Brendan Tangney; Centre for Research in IT in Education, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. RTF from http://www.scss.tcd.ie/disciplines/information_systems/crite/crite_web/publications/sources/Site-01-Policy.rtf (accessed May 2014)

2009 Dissertation: The Interactive Whiteboard in an Irish Primary School, a catalyst for Pedagogic Change? Neil Crowley http://ulir.ul.ie/bitstream/10344/445/3/NCmthesis.pdf (accessed May 2014)

The development of ICT across the curriculum in Irish schools: A historical perspective; Oliver McGarr; Article first published online: 25 NOV 2008. See http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1467-8535.2008.00903.x/abstract (accessed May 2014). Registration needed for full-text access to British Journal of Educational Technology

July 2008: Investing Effectively in Information and Communications Technology in Schools, 2008-2013, The report of the Minister's Strategy Group at
http://www.ncte.ie/media/Final%20ICT%20Strategy_group_report.pdf (accessed May 2014) ...with a summary of the main findings referenced at http://www.education.ie/en/Press-Events/Press-Releases/2008-Press-Releases/PR10-07-08.html (accessed May 2014)

June 2008: ICT in Schools - Inspectorate Evaluation Studies: http://www.education.ie/en/Publications/Inspection-Reports-Publications/Evaluation-Reports-Guidelines/ICT-in-Schools-Inspectorate-Evaluation-Studies.pdf (accessed May 2014)

2007(?): Ray O'Neill's Dissertation via the Web: http://www.ictaspoliticalaction.com/index.htm (accessed May 2014)

CENSUS 2005 available from http://www.ncte.ie/documents/NCTE_2005_Census_on_ICT_Infrastructure_in_Schools.pdf (accessed May 2014). Earlier Reports available at http://www.ncte.ie/census/1998-2002/

The Impact of Schools IT2000 report, NPADC 2001 at http://www.ncte.ie/npadc/ncte_report.pdf (accessed May 2014)

Blueprint for the Future of ICT in Irish Education - Three Year Strategic Action Plan 2001 – 2003, at http://www.ncte.ie/cao/documents/d247.PDF (accessed May 2014)

April 2001: Evaluating the educational impact of information and communications technology in Irish schools, http://www.jeanmcniff.com/items.asp?id=41 (accessed May 2014)

A useful exercise is to visit the Reports (School and Subject) of the Department of Education Inspectors to see how they view the use of ICT in particular schools. http://www.education.ie/en/Find-a-School/
(accessed May 2014)

1999 See 'Annex 7' of The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on the Teacher, Ed Smeets et al., at http://www.pgce.soton.ac.uk/ict/NewPGCE/PDFs/The%20impact%20of%20ict%20on%20the%20teacher.pdf (accessed May 2014)

ICT Access and Usage in Irish Primary Schools
By Jude Cosgrove and Kevin Marshall
€15.95; September 2008; ISBN 978-1-905785-48-3
See http://www.theliffeypress.com/ict-access-and-usage-in-irish-primary-schools.html

ICT in Irish Primary Schools
Stories from the Classroom
Edited by Gerard M. Enright and David G. O'Grady
€25; 2005; ISBN 1 900146 90 8
See http://www.cdu.mic.ul.ie/ict_primary/default.htm

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