David Kearney is the owner of ict4schools.ie

ICT4Schools.ie is a specialised Training/CPD Service for Teachers and Educators using ICT. The client audience are professionals, administrative and support staff using ICT in classrooms and other training locations. Many aspects of ICT Continuing Professional Development are served: my main interests lie in the areas of Interactive Whiteboards/Panels and Android Tablets.

I work with schools, other organisations and professional bodies (such as 'Education Centres'). I am sometimes retained directly by the client but, more usually, through the agency of a number of ICT Companies for whom I act as their 'Education Trainer'.

I have been using ICT in the Classroom since the early 1980s. For more details of my background, read my LinkedIn Profile (and even request a Link!) I am based in Kildare and generally work in this and surrounding counties ...but I can be persuaded to travel further afield on occasion.